About Izuyasu

When was it founded?
On 1839.
Is there are curfew?
Yes, we lock our entrance door at 11:00 PM.
What time is check-in?
Check-in time is from 3:00 PM. Drop-off of luggage is welcomed before this check-in time. However, please arrive at our ryokan before 9:00 PM.
How far is the building from the Kyoto station?
They are around 10 minutes by feet, facing the Higashi no Douin street.
Can we leave our luggage?
It is welcomed to leave your luggage on both before and after check-in.
Is there a parking lot?
Yes, we do have them on the north side of our building. If needed, please note us in advance when making the reservation.
When and how long is the seasonal decorations out in the building?
They are out from the beginning of the seasons by the new calendar, until the end of the seasons by the old calendar.

About the rooms

From when can we book rooms?
The reservation can be made from 6 months in advance to the reservation date.
Is there are toilet?
Yes, each room has a private toilet.
Is there a shower / bath?
No, please use the 3 family bathrooms in the building.
About amenities.
We offer free use of Yukata, pajama, face towels, bath towels, toothbrush, hair brush, soap, razor, socks, shower cap, hair elastic, cotton buds, hair dryers (one per each room).
Which rooms faces the garden?
The room “Shin” and “Kou” on the first floor.
The room “You”, “Se”, and “Yuki” on the second floor can look down on the garden.
Which rooms are on the second floor?
“Ki”, “Zui”, “You”, “Se”, “Yuki” are located on the second floor.
We would like to request a quiet room.
Our building is the same wooden architecture built since 1839, and therefore cannot completely shut out the noise outside. Please accept in advance.
Is there a TV?
We usually do not have them in the room. If needed, please request when making the reservation.
Is there decorations such as scrolls and flowers?
We decorate them on the alcoves in each room. We hope you will enjoy the seasonal decorations.
Is massaging available?
Yes. However, we may refuse depending on the use of other guests. Please make the reservation as sson as possible.

About the meals

Starting time
-For guests staying-
All dinner has a set starting time of 7:00 PM. Breakfast starting time can be chosen between 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM.

-For guests only having the meal-
Lunch starting time can be chosen between 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM.
(Our check-in of guests will begin at 3:00 PM. Please note in advance.)
All dinner has a set starting time of 7:00 PM.
About allergies and vegetarian / vegan menu
We can create an alternative course for any food restrictions. Please inform us when making the reservation.
About the menu
The dinner course is a traditional Kaiseki course consisted of 8 dishes. We prepare them from the seasonal ingredients bought in the morning, so the menu changes every day.
We would like to dine in the counter seats.
Please request them when making the reservation. However, please accept when the seats are already fully booked.
The maximum number of guests accepted in a group.
We can only accept a maximum of 20 guests in a group, due to the durability of the building.
May I eat alone?
Reservation for one person is welcomed.
Do you provide any services to celebrate birthday, honeymoon, or other special events?
For all guests having lunch or dinner, we give either red, white, or sparkling wine as a gift for each couple.

About the shower / bath

Do we have them in the room?
No, please use the 3 family bathrooms in the building.
Can we reserve the bathrooms?
We do not accept reservations for the bathrooms. Please feel free to use any of the bathrooms available.
What is a family bathroom?
They are shared bathrooms that you can lock the door from inside for privacy. Please be sure to lock them when you are in use, so other guests will not accidentally come inside.
How many bathrooms are there?
We have 3 bathrooms.
When are they available?
They are available from check-in to 11:00 PM.
Can we use them in the morning?
Yes, but only showers are available (baths are not available).