About Izuyasu


“Tradition should not be constrained by its past. Rather, like any great river—allowed to flow, free to be shaped by its journey.” Yasujiro Izutsu

It is important to learn our traditional culture and techniques through everyday training. We owe it to our predecessors, who carefully developed the foundation of this tradition.

However, in order to carry their legacy on to future generations it is also necessary for the tradition to be able to grow with each new generation; constantly in motion.

Growing up in a traditional family in Kyoto, I have been able to see first-hand how the city is constantly transforming. Just as the city and its values has changed over time, I also strive to improve and innovate the ways to express tradition through the cooking and presentation of our cuisine. It is my dream to be able to contribute another layer to this growing tradition, just as my ancestors did.

To all of our guests,

To each one of you who favors this Ryokan,

And to the next generations- It is my dream that you can all feel “Somehow at home”. I will do my best each and every day in order to achieve this.

If in your everyday busy life, You want to experience something new. If you want to take a breath from life’s burdens. Then Izuyasu Ryokan might just find what you are looking for.

If you can find the time to visit Kyoto, it would be our pleasure to warmly welcome you to our Ryokan.

Established in 1839 (Tempo period),
Kyoto Cuisine Hotel Izuyasu
7th Owner Yasujiro Izutsu

Kyoto: A Historical stroll through the ancient capital.

1839 and the birth of Izuyasu.
Izuyasu was founded for the travelers and monks who visited the Higashi-Honganji Temple, the head temple for the Otani sect.

Since then, each generation has created the best service for over 170 years, along with the tradition of Kyoto. They are currently loved, and are visited by many guests from both inside and outside Japan.

We have renewed the building for the first time in the 170 years on 2013.
The inherited tradition and the new breeze of modern atmosphere blends to become the tradition 100 years later in the future. Please enjoy the current style of Kyoto in this ryokan Izuyasu.

Many inherited artworks, special and protected in this ryokan, are displayed each season.

We have many inherited artworks, special in this ryokan which are displayed by each season. We have the girl’s day dolls and the decorations for May, along with the works and the tea ceremony tools by Ito Jakuchu, Munakata Shikou, Ono Chikkyo, and Inaba Shinden. Munakata Shikou, especially, has stayed at our ryokan for several months when painting on the fusuma of the Higashi-Honganji Temple.

The Kaiseki course created from the 24 seasons.

Izuyasu’s dishes are created by the 7th owner chef by respecting the land, taste, and the view. The deep flavor created from the seasonal ingredients and the traditional 24 seasons that changes sensitively is the character of the course.

Carefully selected wines and sake are prepared to create harmony with the Kyoto’s dishes.

Along with the guests staying, we welcome guests for dinners only also.

Find sanctuary in the beauty of Minimalism.

We want our guests to spend a comfortable time with not extravagant service, but a casual kindness.

From those thoughts, Izuyasu has little arrangements added to the building, We usually do not have TV, phones, nor clocks.
This is to enjoy and relax by being away from the busy noises in daily life. And the bathrooms are private bathrooms to spend time with the most wanted people in your life.

In the galleries and the lobbies in the open space, our guests can spend their time freely by relaxing or having sake with other guests, while watching our gardens.

We regularly have workshops and Japanese style performance held. Please refer to the event page for those details.